Successful Service Development in the NDIS


"If I'd asked my customers what they wanted, they'd have said 'a faster horse'."

- Henry Ford


We are able to tailor and present any of our workshops as organisational training, either in person or online.

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The old models of disability service delivery are losing serious money in the NDIS trial sites. We combine our extensive NDIS expertise with Design Thinking, Lean Development and Human Centred Design to provide new service development tools for NDIS success.


Back to the Drawing Board
Framing: Getting the right service design questions
Aligning with NDIA service categories and business drivers
Customer engagement vs participation observation
Finding and analysing the right NDIS market data
Starting with the evidence and best practice

Beyond Unit Costing: Designing New Services
Successful service development teams
Customer journey / experience mapping
Engaging diversity in your co-design approaches
Processes that generate new service ideas

Implementing Innovation
Choosing the right services to trial
Testing service feasibility: tools & techniques
Lessons from the Lean Start Up cycle

Metrics & Measurements
Measuring viability and success
Developing an ongoing evidence base
Meeting the needs of both customers and the NDIA

Leadership for Innovation
Engaging the right people
Distributed leadership for adaptive challenges
Leadership that builds a culture of service innovation



Don't just take our word for it. Over 2,500 people have now attended a DSC NDIS workshop. Here's what previous NDIS Housing participants had to say about our workshops:

This is the best forum/workshop I have attended about NDIS. It was smart, well designed, paced and presented
— David Thummler, Board Member, Citizen Advocacy Western Sydney
Highly engaging facilitators, excellent information and great workshop handbook.
— Elizabeth Drozd, CEO, Australian Multicultural Services
I took away so much from each session and left feeling empowered and motivated.
— Scott Seymour, Managing Director, Senior Helpers Central Victoria