LAC partners announced in WA

It’s the news that all of WA’s Disability Sector providers have been waiting for- the announcement of who will be our Local Area Coordination (LAC) partners.

The role of our partners is to fulfil two primary functions;

  1. Link people to the NDIS, and;

  2. Link people with disability to information and support in their communities.

LACs partners play a role in developing and implementing Plans. But they cannot approve an NDIS Plan, this is still done by the NDIA.

It is an incredibly important role for Participants and providers because they provide a point of contact to assist with navigating supports, as well as additional resources for creating, understanding, implementing and reviewing Plans.

They also provide an important avenue to market services, so I am sure that the majority of strategy/marketing departments have been eagerly awaiting this announcement.


Enough already! Tell me who we’re partnering with!

Well, surprisingly, only two organisations were chosen to deliver these supports in WA.

And the winners are:

  • Mission Australia

  • Advanced Personnel Management

And what do we know about them?

Mission Australia is a religious charity organisation that works in;

  • Homelessness and social housing

  • Children, youth and family services

  • Mental health alcohol and other drug issues

  • Disability inclusion and support, and;

  • Employment skills and training.

Advanced Personnel Management has primarily been a disability employment service provider specialising in supporting;

  • Job seekers

  • Job seekers and workers with a disability

  • Workplace health

  • NDIS Participants, and;  

  • Providing home assessment services.

So, go forth, make connections and spruik services! Well maybe not just yet, these organisations have a massive undertaking ahead of them and are still setting up their infrastructure. So they may not be especially eager to meet with organisations in these early days.  We’ll have more information and updates as the partner’s services form, so stay tuned!

Joy Norton has decades of experience in the Western Australian disability sector, having worked as a Local Coordinator at the Department of Communities and as a Senior Planner at the NDIA. Joy is currently using her technical expertise to support the transition of the Australian Red Cross’s West Australian services to NDIS.