Twas the Night Before an NDIS Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas and all through Australia
People were praying the scheme would not be a failure
Christmas in July had lacked some finesse
The launch of full scheme proved quite a mess

Planners were shocked at their sheer lack of time
My First Plan developed where the sun just won’t shine
The whole thing got started with a row of straight flunks
The scheme then hit mayhem when the portal blew chunks

While providers were put between rock and hard place
The Agency kept pushing its stats to save face
It’s all fine they said, it's provider error
But every transaction still fills us with terror!

If you happen to have read the Australian newspaper
You will have little faith in this costly caper
Should you start to consider your plan for survival?
Or just roll over and get crushed on arrival?

Rollout Year 1 was a shitstorm, no doubt
Some may despair the Scheme has struck out
But despite media spin of gloom and despair
We reckon the NDIS is a breath of fresh air

All jokes aside, all cheap shots taken
(Though we do love to leave your mouths a gapin')
We don't want to leave you without any cheer
When in truth this has been a ground breaking year

For the silent many, it has not been all bad
There’s been packages planned and more supports had
The future for true independence is bright
It's positive change; just don’t mention respite

It’s pushed orgs to be leaner, hierarchies flatter
Moved the focus and dollars to the people who matter
The sector is improving, we've a birds eye view
(And you know DSC can be a cynical crew)

For all those families with new plans in tow
Whose lives were given an NDIS go
As opposed to years of difficulty past
Some hope was delivered by Santa at last

So, to all of you there from all us here
We wish you peace, love and friendship in this coming year
Let’s all take time to reflect on what’s been
And to catching up once more in 2017.