Support Coordination – A Changing Landscape

The Summer Foundation have published Support Coordination – A changing landscape, a report that looks at where support coordination stands in the NDIS. The document is written by Kate Fulton and Libby Ellis and aims to:

  • Outline relevant frameworks that assist people with disability to achieve their goals and build capacity

  • Provide practitioners with an overview of how the support coordination function is designed within the NDIS

  • Reflect on the development of the support market, including the types of providers in the market, the ideal skills base of support coordinators and market investments needed to support this emerging workforce

It is still early days for support coordination and this resource explores what functions support coordination is providing now and what could be improved into the future.

This report is the result of an extensive review of available literature and practice with regard to effective support coordination models. It provides information about support coordination within the context of the NDIS.

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