A New Site Helping People With Mental Health Conditions Navigate the NDIS

The question of how people with severe mental health conditions will navigate the NDIS has challenged policy makers and providers since the Scheme’s conception. The environment of confusion and complexity naturally affects potential participants the most. Last year, the Productivity Commission reported that people with psychosocial disabilities are the more likely to have negative experiences of the Scheme or be found ineligible. There is, therefore, a resounding need for clear, useful and up-to-date information and advice for people with psychosocial disabilities seeking to navigate the NDIS.   

With funding from the NDIA, the Mental Health Coordinating Council has produced a user-friendly website to help people with mental health conditions and their carers understand the NDIS. It includes information about psychosocial disabilities, the NDIS, eligibility criteria, applications and pre-planning. It also details options for people who find they are not eligible for the Scheme.  The site has been co-designed by people with psychosocial disabilities and their support networks. Hopefully, it will provide some much needed clarity for people hoping to understand this new and complex source of support.