Breaking News: The Arrival of the New SIL Provider Pack

On July 1st this year, many of us sat eagerly waiting for the promised arrival of the new Supported Independent Living (SIL) Provider Quoting Template and Tool. We were met with silence. As the months went on, winter turning into spring, we slowly went on with our lives. Most of us assumed that the SIL Provider pack had been lost within the Agency’s never-ending to-do-list. But at last, the day is here- the new SIL Provider Pack is upon us!  

But was it worth the wait?  

Only time will tell. But there are certainly some promising features in the new pack, which will hopefully make the quoting process that little bit less laborious. They include:  

  • Increased automation in the Microsoft Excel SIL Provider Tool. Unless it is stealing your job, automation is pretty much always a good thing. In this case, it should decrease the time you need to spend duplicating data in rosters of support.

  • Greater flexibility in entering information. The new Tool allows you to specify information about overnight and crossover shifts, as well as letting you choose your own staff ratios.

  • A Subsequent SIL Quote Template has been developed. This allows providers to submit a shorter quote if the Participant’s support needs have not changed since the last quote was approved. However, if the Participants support needs have changed or the Participant’s capacity was expected to increase, then the full quote will need to be submitted (sorry!).

  • The ability to allow for yearly indexation has been added, in order to account for anticipated cost increases. Such as the expected rise in the support worker award rate in July 2019.

  • Inbuilt checks are now included, in order to alert providers of incorrect, duplicated or incomplete information. If it works, then this could be a life-saving feature. Imagine how angry everyone will be at you if your quote gets sent back because of a small mistake.

  • An example completed SIL Provider Tool has been included in the pack, to help you through those first couple of times.

The NDIS website has also clarified that SIL can be used in individual or group living arrangements. This is a welcome change from previous information that described SIL as for households of 2-7 and individuals living alone needing to use Core funding. 

Providers will have until 18 December 2018 to transition to the new SIL Pack. Following that date, older versions of the template will no longer be accepted.

More information and all the tools can be found at

And keep your eyes peeled, we will be releasing DSC online training on the new tool in the near future!!