New NDIA CEO Announced

Robert DeLuca, former Managing Director of BankWest has been named as the new CEO of the NDIA. DeLuca will take over the reigns from the inaugural CEO David Bowen on August 28

So what can we expect from the new CEO? DeLuca's Linkedin page gives us some insights into what we can expect of his leadership style. In late 2016 he wrote about five insights that have shaped his personal journey as a leader:

  • Be authentic: In order to encourage others to embrace your organisation’s purpose, vision and values, you have to be authentic and be prepared to live those values every day.

  • Lead like a parent: A leader is similar to a parent in that she or he needs to nurture and develop people, teams and stakeholders on the path to success.

  • Retain perspective: our challenge as leaders is to embrace our role as custodians of our organisations for the brief period we are there and to leave these organisations in a better shape for future generations.

  • Value diversity: The pursuit of greatness is enhanced by nurturing greater collaboration and inclusion as well as by fostering diversity of thought. Our amazing world is made up of men and women with a diverse range of religious beliefs, cultural and educational backgrounds, different ages, sexual orientations and abilities, which together create an incredible chemistry.

  • Embrace uncertainty: While I remain focused on delivering our strategy, every day I navigate challenges that I could never have predicted would consume so much of my time.

At DSC we reckon these five insights are spot on for the leadership required at the NDIA. We wish him the very best in what will prove to be the career challenge of his lifetime. He could do a lot worse than look back on these insights when the going gets really tough. Welcome Robert De Luca!