NDIS & Health – Working Together Resource

For most participants, their health and their disability are interconnected, with the one constantly impacting on the other. As a consequence, it is essential that there is a strong, consistent link between the NDIS and Health services. Yet so often, they fail to speak each other's language, know each other's systems or do anything but pass the buck to one another.

The Summer Foundation has produced 'NDIS & Health- Working Together' in an attempt to address part of this problem. The guide is aimed at health professionals working in a hospital setting. It provides a lowdown of the NDIS and how to get the right support for patients at the right time.

The resource should be used with clients whose circumstances have rapidly changed, resulting in the need for increased support from the NDIS and health system. This includes people who have a newly acquired disability and people with existing disabilities whose condition has exacerbated, have acquired an additional disability, or who can no longer rely on old support networks. It provides a guide to connecting new participants with the NDIS and supporting existing participants to inform the NDIS of their change in circumstances and receive adjusted supports. Additionally, there is information on the planning and pre-planning supports that health professionals can offer.

The relationship between NDIS and Health is not one that either sector can afford to get wrong. They sit in different departments, in different buildings but they need to talk to one another.  Resources like this one act like bridges- and right now, they need all the bridges that they can get.

You can find the full guide here: https://www.summerfoundation.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/ndis-and-health-web.pdf