NDIS Demand Map: Helping You Predict Demand In Your Area

As part of the Boosting the Local Care Workforce program, the Department of Social Services has released a new NDIS Demand Map that we feel all you data nerds out there really should know about. 

The map includes predictions for what the NDIS marketplace will look like when the Scheme is fully rolled out and settled in 2023. It allows service providers to search by postcode (or multiple postcodes) to find out:

  • How much NDIS Participants will spend in that area each year

  • How much they will spend in each registration group

  • How many NDIS Participants will be in that area

  • Their disability cohort

  • How many workers will be needed to meet the demand

The forecasts will be update quarterly as new NDIS data become available. They predict that 90% of postcodes will fall within the reported range. Postcodes with smaller populations are harder to predict, so the forecasts are likely to be less accurate. But even if it does not forecast the exact number of Participant, this tool is still useful for getting a rough idea of the market in an area, and comparing it to other. 

The website is still in BETA stage, so they are encouraging people to provide feedback.

Enjoy your searching!