ILC – Finally Some News

After waiting months for any definitive news on ILC and its future, we finally have something to report. Western Australia has just been given the opportunity to apply for $7 million worth of funding via an Expression Of Interest (EOI) process. 

This round looks very different from previous ILC funding opportunities. The rest of the country should take note; this model could soon be the future of ILC.

It was announced via a joint statement from the Commonwealth and WA Governments and no information currently appears on the NDIS website.  

The state government is clearly taking the lead in the process. Applications are to be lodged through the WA tender mechanism, rather than via the DSS Community Grants Hub, as was the previous practice.   

The four key priority areas are also quite different to previous ILC open grant opportunities.

  • Priority Area 1: Building the capacity of organisations delivering recreational pursuits and activities to provide inclusive services.

  • Priority Area 2: Building the capacity of people with disability to engage in meaningful employment.

  • Priority Area 3: Employers are provided with information and tools to employ people with disability.

  • Priority Area 4: Building awareness and capacity within communities of the contributions of people with disability.

For those of you in WA, you can click here to find more information. There will also be a non-mandatory briefing for potential respondents next Monday at 10am, Technology Park Function Centre, Bentley. Videoconferencing will be available for people in regional areas.

So what about other States waiting for news of their opportunities to apply for ILC funding?  We are (impatiently) waiting and hope to have news soon. We promise to give you a shout out as soon as we hear anything.

Image: ‘Not Titled’ by Robert Brown, 2014, acrylic on canvas, 62 x 81 cm, image courtesy of Arts Project Australia.