Assessing non-financial impacts of service changes

The Queensland Government has recently released a Tool Kit designed to provide practical assistance to providers who need to transition to the NDIS and respond to consumer demand.

Some of the tools are more useful than others. One we love is the Resource to gauge non-financial impacts of adding or changing a services under the NDIS.

We are always expressing how important it is to look beyond unit costing when developing or adding services. Tunnel vision on unit costing often leads to a sort of slash and burn mentality which can cause an enormous amount of damage to your business as unintended consequences can damage relationships with both clients and employees – the two most critical components of your organisation’s future success.

This resource provides a useful ‘zoom out’ tool to help providers identify those unintended consequences. It helps providers determine whether concerns are valid and what they need to do to resolve them, presenting all variables in a risk analysis for easy communication to key stakeholders.