NDIS Governance Self-Assessment Checklist

This self-assessment checklist has been developed by Dee O'Donnell from DSC and is based on eight governance principles. These have been adapted from a number of sources, in particular the Australian Institute of Company Directors’ resources on Not For Profit Governance, and the NSW Audit Office’s ‘Corporate Governance – Strategic Early Warning System’.

Each principle has its own table which lists a set of questions you can use to assess how you meet the key elements of that principle.

•    The ‘Objective’ column lists the components of each principle.
•    The ‘Question’ column poses open questions that help you take stock of your organisation’s governance framework.
•    In the ‘Comment’ column, write what you know against each question. There are no right or wrong answers.
•    The ‘Action’ column could be as simple as a prompt to follow up, or it might be a note to check with another organisation, to seek Council assistance, or to undertake your own research.
•    In the ‘Priority’ column, assign your own rating – high, medium or low – based on your assessment of how important each action is.

On completion of the checklist, you will have a set of principles and a prioritised action list that can then be implemented.

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