NDIS in Practice:
How Not to Go Broke

Learn how some providers are developing and delivering innovative, person-centred in an NDIS world - without going broke.


We are able to tailor and present any of our workshops as organisational training, either in person or online.

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We meet way too many providers who are finding that NDIS policy is getting in the way of participant outcomes. Between problems with the portal and inconsistency of policy implementation, many providers are stuck fighting fires, unable to invest the time or money required to make the most of the NDIS opportunity.

So how do providers develop and deliver innovative, person-centred services in an NDIS world without going broke? This workshop will draw on the experience of providers who are making it work to explore this question in detail, looking at:

  • Avoiding red tape that poses barriers to participant outcomes
  • Charging smart: Understanding the different options for translating your service to the NDIS Price Guide
  • Overcoming common Portal problems without throwing the computer out the window
  • Identifying services and activities that you should stop doing
  • Alternative funding sources
  • Advanced Troubleshooting: Submit your prickliest dilemmas in advance


Don't just take our word for it. Over 2,500 people have now attended a DSC NDIS workshop. Here's what previous participants had to say:

Found the content highly valuable, specific and relevant to the sector and the changes ahead.
Succinct presentation of important issues prepared with excellent examples.
The very informative and useful NDIS updates that were delivered by the best and most articulate consultants in the disability sector!