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Gareth McKeen


BAppSc, MMgt(IntBus)

Gareth has been highly successful leading organisational transition to the NDIS drawing on insights gained as a CEO and senior manager across 5 different industry sectors over a three decade career. He has dropped out of university 4 times in the 3 different countries, but somehow completed two degrees, including a Masters of Management. His signature philosophy is to create and pursue a 'Jigsaw of Excellence', an approach born out of his involvement at three Olympic games as team manager of a gold medal winning team. The Jigsaw analogy recognises that all the bits of an organisation are inter-linked and each plays a key role in achieving outcomes.

Having successfully developed, submitted and claimed over $7.5m worth of SIL quotes, Gareth has hands on experience in SIL from the perspective of a service provider. As CEO of a small/medium organisation, Gareth decided that SIL was critical to their operation and so took on the challenge of being responsible for creating a SIL roster spreadsheet, filling out the SIL quotes and then claiming the SIL via the NDIS portal.