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Advanced Support Coordination


Go beyond the basics to understand and develop the resources needed to deliver best practice Support Coordination.


We are able to tailor and present any of our workshops as organisational training, either in person or online.

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Our Advanced Practice workshop was born when we saw the phenomenal ideas that experienced Support Coordinators came up with when they each shared what they had learned. This workshop is highly interactive, with the goal of each attendee contributing to a Support Coordinator toolkit they can take back with them, packed full of ideas for how to use participants NDIS plans creatively. This workshop also covers what we are hearing are the key concerns of experienced Support Coordinators, including:

  • Interpreting NDIS Plans 
  • Tools to break down the Price Guide and uncover flexibility where it seems there is none
  • Goal setting for the best NDIS planning outcomes
  • Understanding and implementing the NDIS Outcomes Framework 
  • Troubleshooting (or as we like to call it, a "Forget the 1800 Number" section): We will be accepting your most prickly questions ahead of time and linking you to the answers you've been looking for.


Don't just take our word for it. Over 2,500 people have now attended a DSC NDIS workshop. Here's what previous NDIS Housing participants had to say about our workshops:

Succinct presentation of important issues prepared with excellent examples
— Simone Lenihan, COO, Pacific Link Housing
Consistent message - incredible knowledge!
— Megan Shannon, Executive Manager, Focus Individual Support Services
Great integrity based on experience.
— Catriona Barry, General Manager, Rainbow Club