Roland Naufal

DSC Director



A sometimes cranky old guy with a shedload of disability experience and a canny nous for how to do things better.  Roland has a poorly functioning filter for political correctness and this may be the reason he’s had a number of his NDIS blogs go seriously viral. He has a career in disability that spans 3 decades and is one of Australia’s most knowledgeable NDIS professionals. Roland was winner of the 2002 Harvard Club Disability Fellowship and from 2012 to 2014 consulted on NDIS design for the National Disability & Carer Alliance.

Roland has held leadership roles in some of Australia’s best known disability organisations and worked extensively on disability deinstitutionalisation and lectured on the politics and history of disability. It may be this history that gives Roland the ability to predict the next thing likely to go wrong in the NDIS. Bottom line, he knows his stuff and he’s not afraid to use it.



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