NDIS Health Toolkit- Report Writing Tip Sheet

As the NDIS continues to roll out across the country, it has become even more apparent how interlinked the bureaucratically separate worlds of disability and health are in the lives of people with disabilities. At DSC, we have talked in the past about the importance of governments clarifying this crucial intersection in order to ensure participants do not fall through the gaps. However, it is equally essential for providers and practitioners to become fluent in navigating these two worlds.

That is why we want to introduce you to the NDIS Health Toolkit. This toolkit was developed as a result of a partnership between Deakin University, G21 and Barwon Health and funded by the NDIA Community Inclusion and Capacity Development Grants Programme.It explores the health and NDIS interface and includes tools for the health sector.

This week, we want to bring your attention to the Report Writing Tip Sheet. Allied health and health professionals play an essential role in the NDIS. The reports they write for participants can be what ensures the person has their support and capacity building needs met. However, despite this huge responsibility, health and allied health professionals are often not disability natives. They may not know the types of language that is necessary to use or the key pieces of information that planners and the NDIA are looking for.

This Tip Sheet is designed to support allied health and health professionals write reports for planning meetings. It includes information about the importance of goals and aspirations, use of NDIS terminology and tips to ensure key points get across. It is a handy-one pager, convenient for time-poor professionals who may not have time to read the whole NDIS Act. Participants can hand it to the report writer to gently, and with some authority, guide them in the report writing process.

We have all become accustomed to useless reports that gather dust on the shelves for years. But, it is almost frightening how powerful reports are in the NDIS. Better reports can mean better outcomes. We think this Tip Sheet can help you and professionals you work with #MakeReportsGreatAgain.