New to Support Coordination?

Here are some resources for Support Coordination newbies to help you navigate the NDIS maze.


NDIS in a Nutshell
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Learn about the NDIS 

Welcome to the new world of NDIS, a consumer driven insurance scheme that enables people with disability to purchase services and supports to meet their goals.

Check out our webinar, NDIS in a Nutshell to understand the who, what, where and how of this massive change.



LEARN about Support Coordination

Support Coordination is a critically important NDIS support. Guidance from the NDIA on what it should look like has been remarkably thin on the ground. At DSC, we believe Support Coordination is one of the most important supports for facilitating the NDIS’ goals around choice and control for participants.

DSC has created some fantastic articles and resources to help you understand the basics of this new support type.




For those of you wanting to deepen your understanding of the ins and outs of the role, you may wish to watch our webinars.


IN-house training

DSC frequently runs training sessions for organisations with teams of 5 - 30 people. For more information of the in-house training DSC offers, check out the workshop links below: