NDIS eLearning

Our short and sharp one hour videos are a fabulous way to keep on top of the latest NDIS developments.




NDIS Price Guide 101


If you look at the NDIS Price Guide and see limitations instead of possibilities, this webinar is for y0u. Evie hosts a guided tour through the 2017 Price Guide to explore:

  • How to understand and make the most of the flexibility of NDIS funds
  • What supports can be claimed under which categories
  • The range of line items that can be used for each goal 
  • Using the Price Guide as a tool to enhance participant outcomes
  • Understanding the new Short Term Accommodation (respite) pricing




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ILC Grants: 
How to Win in Round 2


WEbinar summary

Many people will be surprised that ILC National Round 2 Grants have a single focus: Information, Linkages and Referrals

We have waiting with baited breath and now have just over 6 weeks until applications close and a lot of work is now required to get ready. DSC was very successful in supporting organisations with Round 1 applications. Since then we have run the numbers and learned more from the 63 grants that were awarded. This workshop will focus on helping you get your head around what it will take to succeed in Round 2.



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Specialist Disability
Accommodation: Current Issues


Webinar summary

This webinar will explore the emerging challenges and opportunities for SDA providers around Australia, in particular:

  • The approach of QLD, NSW & VIC governments to their current disability housing stocks
  • Issues and barriers to be aware of in QLD, NSW & VIC
  • How SDA is (or is not) being applied in participant plan
  • Exploring Housing Options Support Coordination funding



SDA: Head Lease or Register?


We are increasingly being asked by clients considering the development of SDA "Should I register as a SDA provider myself or should I head lease the property to an existing or new provider?"

This webinar will explore the advantages and disadvantages of both options and will explore:

  • Ongoing quality and safeguarding considerations for SDA providers
  • Considerations  to ensure that the relationship between the SDA owner and the lessor is established with the best chance of long term success

If you are currently considering this same question, or are still exploring what SDA really is, this webinar will be a vital source of current information. 




NDIS in a Nutshell



Get NDIS confident in a hour with this jam packed webinar that will cover all the NDIS bases; Who, What, Where, Why and How, and what it means for your business. It's the ideal introduction to NDIS from the front line to the board room. 



Better Outcomes at Lower Cost



Traditional cost cutting can kill the heart and soul of an organisation. Sally Coddington explores some proven cost saving alternatives that build stronger organisational cultures while delivering better participant outcomes.

  • Finding costs savings that fit your values
  • Thinking outside the square: cutting costs, not staff
  • Savings through client self-management and partnerships



NDIS Housing: Latest Developments



DSC's resident SDA experts, Luke Bo'sher & Brent Woolgar host a webinar to outline the latest developments in NDIS housing and explore the nuance in the recently released policy detail.



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NDIS & Mainstream:
Who pays for what?

The intersections between the NDIS and other mainstream systems are complex and uncertainty remains about how these systems will work together. One thing is clear - the NDIS was designed to compliment rather than substitute mainstream services.

Across these two webinars, we will focus on the two mainstream services that cause the most confusion amongst practitioners and providers: Education and Health. If you want to understand who is responsible for what and what is still being considered as the NDIS grows, these webinars are not to be missed. 

Specifically, each of these webinars will cover:

  • Who’s responsible for what?
  • The guidelines that determine responsibilities
  • Exploring the grey areas with real life examples
  • Where to go to find out more