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Jessica Quilty



Jess has worked in the community space for 18 years across a broad range of roles including direct care, case management, coordination/management, quality assurance, policy, training and as an unpaid carer. Her diverse experience has strengthened her flexible communication style, capacity to process map (she asks lots of questions) and empathise with people interacting with the social, community and health systems at different points. 

Jess doesn’t talk like a typical QA officer though, she has vast experience producing documentation and systems that break down complex legislation and policy and believes that if quality management systems are to effectively safeguard people’s rights they must be fool-proof. The stuff Jess produces is clear, simple to use, drives organisational efficiency and most importantly leads to better service. Jess has qualifications in community education (development), community service management, workplace training, internal audit and business (non-profit and philanthropy).

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