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Gareth McKeen


BAppSc, MMgt(IntBus)


Gareth has been highly successful leading organisational transition to the NDIS drawing on insights gained as a CEO and senior manager across 5 different industry sectors over a three decade career. He has dropped out of university 4 times in the 3 different countries, but somehow completed two degrees, including a Masters of Management. His signature philosophy is to create and pursue a 'Jigsaw of Excellence', an approach born out of his involvement at three Olympic games as team manager of a gold medal winning team. The Jigsaw analogy recognises that all the bits of an organisation are inter-linked and each plays a key role in achieving outcomes. If you ring Gareth and he doesn't answer, it's probably because he is either volunteering, at the theatre, watching rugby, spending time with family, paddling his kayak or most likely, off riding his mountain bike in the middle of nowhere.